20191007-1745: Forge Ahead Fearlessly

vsmathurco@hotmail.comThere is only ONE way forward, one of my ex-bosses used to say. He would call me a horse who ran long races and therefore was not one who would give up after a little effort. This was ay back in 1992, when I was still serving in the Industry, Crompton Greaves Limited, to be precise. How true those words are even today!

However, this post is not about my tenacity or propensity to survive. It is about the need that I feel to share whatever knowledge that I have gained over the years, that gives me confidence enough to say that while it is true I never intended to become a CA, but an architect. That is a long story and it was a long time ago, so I will relate it some other time.

This is my first post on this site, and I can only tell you that I have many things planned out for this blog. As i have said before, this website, will serve as my notebook in the sky, so to say. Cheers !!


CA Vikram Shankar Mathur